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I love this post! :) And can I borrow your kids when I need a smile if mine aren't working?? :) Not to mention, even though you're beautiful face isn't in this pic...it is a great photo of you! Check out those arms!! :) You are quite the artist too! Love you friend! XOXOX

stacy benintendi

i LOVE kid art!!!! those are so cute!


You always have wonderful creative ideas! Those turned out so cute! I just got back from vacation and caught up with your blog. You are a tough (in a very sweet and tender kind of way) cookie and I admire you for being so positive through this. I hope we can get together sometime!


That is so awesome that you were able to inspire Jake to be an artist about something he is passionate about. I love their masterpieces!! Your idea is way awesome. Your kids will know how much you value what they create.

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