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Christine- I miss you too! I would love to get together sometime. If we plan a Saturday that'd work too. It would be great to plan something with the kids as well. Oh tell Brenna that Emma has a blog now- it's pepperkittyemma.blogspot.com. They can be blog buddies. Also, I'm not sure where you've acquired your "volunteer list" but if you wouldn't mind putting Dana on it- that would be so awesome. He is having major lower back pain lately. And like right now be wants me to massage him and I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway, if that worked out it'd be so great. I'm glad you're liking school so much. And like you, I LOVE good music. I can definetly see how that would add to a massage. Love you and talk to you soon!


Katie, you sweet thing! Emma's blog is so cute. I showed Brenna a bit tonight. My "list" just consists of people who said "You can practice on me". LOL Some people at church or on FB or here on my blog. I would be happy to work on Dana. Maybe one Saturday we could hang out and I will bring my table and hopefully relieve some of that lower back pain. I have it too. We were massaging the necks a bit last night and I swear I could receive a whole hour just on my neck. HEAVEN! Love you too sis!

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