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That is so sweet what the girls did for you for your birthday. Very cute.
Also I say it again, I am hear for you if you need to talk. I hope that you know that.


I am glad you have support around you. Know you are in my prayers!

Aunt Mer

We are all on journeys that we never quit expected to be traveling. But we make the best of what were are given. There is a plan for all of us. Prayers are one of our biggest comforts in life along with the love of our family and close friends. You are very rich in those areas. Love you :)

stacy benintendi

i love this post! :)


Curses! Don't you hate it when those emotions are just right there soo tender...and then people we have no intentions on explaining them to just find ways to get them out of us! I'm glad you danced...too bad there isn't a fun video of that to keep putting that smile on your face! :)How GREAT are those plates!! When ARE we going to make our schedules match?? Hopefully soon!


i love this post too.
love and adore you christine.


Awww Christine-E! I'm so glad you felt special on your birthday. I also love this post and you.

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