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i heard you! i love tender mercies! i love you! :)


I love you more! Thank you for this. You have been on my mind sooo much this week, and I needed to pick up a phone or email or something. I've been thinking hard about you. I love you. I am still crying right now, this is a very special post. I think Heavenly Father wanted to MAKE SURE you knew he was aware of you and that he always is....but tithing blessings give him an easy way to prove it to you physically. =) Keep your chin up...you are my hero girlfriend! I need to email you! SMOOCH!


Hang in there young lady. Moses had been a shepherd for 40 years in Midian, working for his father-in-law and was 80 years old when he had the burning bush experience. You'll survive it and it will make you stronger.


Christine, you are just so sweet. Know that many people are out here thinking, praying, and rooting for you! Keep up the great work. I can't believe you're already almost done with school:)


Oh my... you guys are seriously the best! I have read these several times and find myself speechless still. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. I am feeling the love. HOpe all is well with you!


still reading.
love you lots.


It's been two weeks since my last confession...still reading as well.
Most of all, I am grateful for who you are: A treasured daughter of our Heavenly Father with INFINITE WORTH.

Love you Christine.


I found you again. Love you. Beautiful... He knows you. Hugs. Jen.

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